CD-R stands for Compact Disc Recordable. It is a blank CD which you can write your data in any format of video, music and software.

A. Our Service

Our factory is located in Hong Kong. With abundant manufacturing & exporting experience accumulated these years, we have confidence that all our CD-R can meet the industrial standard as well as satisfy any specific requirement.

B. General Description:

  • Storage Capacity : 700 MB
  • Recording Time: 80 min
  • Disc Size ( Diameter): 120 mm
  • Speed : Multi-speed 1~52X ( continuously up-grade with the market )
C. Quality Control
  • Our CD-Rs are manufactured in exact accordance and compliance to Orange Book Part II & III, an industry-recognized international standards
  • Our experienced QC team is well-trained to implement and monitor the sophisticated QC system over every single part of the production process.
  • Our CD-Rs are inspected at different stages of the whole production process including injection molding, dye mixing, dye coating & silver sputtering.
  • Having advanced QC equipment like Dr Schenk & CD-CATS Disc Analyzer to inspect visual, physical, optical, mechanical & chemical aspects of our CD-Rs.
  • Having a full list of the latest CD-R writers to verify the write/read performance of our CD-Rs and their compatibility.
D. Printing
  • Maximum 5 colors silk-screen printing
E. Packing
  • Standard Bulk Packing: 100 pcs/shrink-wrap; 1,000 pcs/export carton
  • Cake Box Packing: 10 or 25 or 50 pcs/cake box
  • CD Box Packing: 1 pc/CD Box/shrink-wrap
  • Or let us know your special packing requirement and it is our pleasure to do for you.